August 2009
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Is GCSE history still as hard as ever? What 2009 results tell us

Is GCSE history still as hard as ever? What 2009 results tell us

In advance of publication of the Subject Performance Indicator for GCSE history ( the residuals comparing students’ performance in history with their other subjects, I wonder how history will fare. We know from students that they find it hard. We know that there are untiered papers which, at 2hours long, can be pretty intimidating for students targeted to achieve no more than an F. I thought I’d search for GCSE results on my Twitter page. This is what the first set of responses said. Students names have been removed: text is otherwise as it appeared

  1. Got her GCSE‘s yesterday and passed with 2 A’s the rest b’s and c’s and a D in history :/ but who gives a shit about sandal bloody castle!
  2. My GCSE‘s were really good apart from an F in History : from
  3. Or just have a PARTY! Woo! Awh, thanks. You don’t need a GCSE in history to do it anyway do you?
  4. just got my gcse results for drama, r.e and history.. three A’s baby gcse results.. 3 As, 4 Bs, 6 Cs, but got rubbish in music and history
  5. So happy with my GCSE‘s. A in biology. B in months, tech, chemistry, history, pshe. C in physics, geog & English.
  6. 12 GCSE‘s grade c or above.: pleased with my gcse results (: 3 As, 4 Bs, 6 Cs (Y) except my rubbish music and history grades :

This is just a sample, of course. The bigger picture may be more optimistic. Let’s hope so!

For detailed analysis of existing and new GCSE history courses go to

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