April 2009
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Greatest Britons

Its that time of year again- St George’s Day to be precise. In its attempt to lift the hearts of the nation after the budget the Sun newspaper has produced a full colour Sgt.Pepper’s album cover parade of those people it feels need saluting. As you might expect there are some sublimely ludicrous inclusions and an unhealthy pre-occupation with celebrity, but the picture board tells us interesting things about how Sun-reading Britons today view their ‘proud englishmen and women’.  What can we learn from a list that included Eddie the Eagle Edwards, alongside Jane Austen, Douglas Bader next to Robin Hood, Alfrd the great next to Dame Julie Andrews. There is no surprise that Nelson is next to Thatcher but he also rubs cheeks with Ozzy Osbourne. I am writing a longer artcle on how this montage could be used as part of a history or citizenship lesson on Britishness on the website along with a copy of the image itself and a key. It would make a great starter to find 10 people who the students think do not deserve to be there and 10 that should be there but have been left off. Why is Michael Faraday included? Why Hugh Grant? What on earth is Bagpuss doing there? Students will have fun trying to identify all 83 faces. Because so many appear on their TV screens they will quickly get to 50 .That’s wehn the real fun starts. informative and thougt-provoking. Give it a try. Let me know how you get on.

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