March 2009
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What will primary history look like in 2 years time?

As fuller details of the leaked Rose review reach the press so we can get a clearer view of what Mark IV of NC history will look like. According to the TES pupils must study “characteristic features of and changes within two key periods of history”. Immigration has been put into historical context, apparently, as Years 3 and 4 will be taught “about the movement and settlement of people in different periods of British history”. If they can bring this up-to-date by looking at post-war immigration so much the better. As yet nothing has been said about KS1, largely beause the currently situation is not blighted by prescription. So, it seems that there will be less change than many have forecast. My guess is that the British historu topics Romans,  Anglo-Saxons , Viking and Tudors are here to stay. The skills will, I am sure be safeguarded too. So don’t throw away your resources quite yet! We will know the full story next week I guess. And then Ed Balls has to decide what to do with a report which is less root an branch than he may have liked but is probably the best solution. KS1 and 2 history was hopeless before the National Curriculum. It is now good in most schools. With the  little more flexibility that they have now been given talented teachers can make it outstanding, I’m sure.

Updated and full discussion of implications of Rose review for primary history. Go to

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