March 2009
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What will primary history look like in 2 years time?

As fuller details of the leaked Rose review reach the press so we can get a clearer view of what Mark IV of NC history will look like. According to the TES pupils must study “characteristic features of and changes within two key periods of history”. Immigration has been put into historical context, apparently, as [...]

OFSTED history report attributes improved GCSE exam results to use of Welsh Modern World History exam!

When researching an article for my website on what made an outstanding history department, I read every OFSTED /HMI subject report ffor history for the last year very carefully and was simply amazed at what i found. One school’s imporved examination results were linked to a change of exam board to WJEC ( Welsh [...]

What\'s a Physics? or Thank god you\'re not a science teacher!

According to the Daily  Mash, always worth a look and a laugh, have been raised over the standard of science teaching after it emerged thousands of GCSE pupils could not tell the difference between a microscope and a frog. On a more serious, but equally depressing, note the Times reports that the recent [...]

Rose review findings leaked

Yet more huffing and puffing from the Daily Mail et al yesterday as news of the imminent publication of the final Rose review was leaked to the press. Most fear that too much time will be spent on ICT at the expense of history. I don’t actually share that concern. When you look at the [...]

Magna Carta, the 1689 Bill of Rights, and jack Straw

There’s nothing like writing your place in history! Today Jack Staw spoke of his new British Bill of Rights which he claimed, would have an impact similar to that of Magna Carta and the 1689 Bill of Rights. Not bad for someone recently described by the British Ambassador to the US as an intellectual pygmy! [...]